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The Harvest Resources & Solutions (HRS) Academy is a Skill development, process improvement, career trainingagency dedicated to representing the needs of citizens to acquire new skills, improve old skills, train to be certified in the acquired skills and be prepared for future challenges. With over 1,000 members and certified alumni, HRS represents professionals in every information technology (IT) industry in America and Africa.

HRS provides professionals with career development and credentialing opportunities while fostering an environment of continuous improvement within organizations. We specialize in IT training & certification (Six Sigma certification). However, we have a complete line of professional development certifications to meet your credentialing needs. We also function as a short term academic institution that prepares you for higher education.

Through research and public policy advocacy, HRS is a leading voice for IT training and Certifications around the globe. We partner with large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies to instill a culture of continuous certifications, skill development, process improvement and quality. With a strong commitment to philanthropy, the Harvest Resources & Solutions HRS leads by example through the HRSgives™ program.

HRS is partnering with TESTOUT Corporation using the labsim for training, CompTIA Certification, using the CompTIA training, Knowledge City, and Microsoft certifications platform and HRS certified for all training .

The Harvest Resources & Solutions HRS Academy provides:


The Harvest Resources & Solutions HRS Academy is an independent training and certification body that develops proprietary certification exams to test a member’s competency in key IT, Healthcare and business subjects. As an industry-accredited certification body, HRS was created to cater to the needs of today's busy adult learners. HRS certifications are highly valued within the business community because members have demonstrated proficiency in subject matter by having their skills and knowledge verified through testing. All of our certification exams, and the accompanying training material, is completed 100% online. Members can study and complete the exams when it fits their schedule.


The Harvest Resources & Solutions sets rigorous skill & professional development standards based on our global open source approach. Through research and our vast network of professionals, HRS works to further the understanding of continuous improvement as it relates to individuals and organizations. We use this research to develop and publish professional competency standards for HRS certifications and best-practices that can be used in all industries.


HRS provides certification programs that are in high-demand in corporate America and throughout the world. HRS members have access to programs that increase their competence in key leadership positions such as management and continuous operational improvement. The fee for HRS certification includes free self-study training material. These programs work well for busy adults, shift workers, military members, or anyone with limited time but ambition to learn.


A successful culture of continuous improvement starts with a strong personal awareness, organizational understanding and commitment to quality. HRS works with companies all around the globe to increase their profitability by helping them eliminate waste and inefficiencies. Having employees who are certified in process improvement techniques like Six Sigma helps them to understand the importance of eliminating waste and inefficiencies. This allows an organization to build a culture of quality and continuous improvement.


HRS speaks for the working business professional. We advocate for legislation that promotes business professionals and their interests. HRS promotes:

The value of certification for employees and their organizations.

Continuous improvement to all industries.

The general needs of all business professionals.

The military and Ex-service men employment.


Through the HRSgives™ philanthropy program, the Harvest Resources & Solutions Academy donates to deserving charities. The primary areas that HRS focuses on are community, unemployed, Children, Education and Ex. Services. The program also focuses on providing opportunities to underserved communities by giving free resources through our library partnership program.



To create and build human strategic capacity solutions; solutions that not only promote self-improvement, but that also advance individual development- thus enabling individuals to achieve their set goals and objectives within their chosen career paths.


To inspire, train and equip the next generation of professionals using the right tools and the right technological information within their vocational fields; in order to create lasting and global impact-not only for today, but for generations to come.

Why Choose Us

Impactful Learning Materials

Simplified course contents from leading training partners.

Experience Instructors

Gain practical experience from highly skilled subject matter expert.

Industry Standard Teaching Methods

We combine industry-leading learning contents and deliver that contents following best practices.

Global Recognize Certifications

Get certified with global recognition that stand you out.

We're Affordable

All of our certifications are very affordable for anyone to enroll. We keep things simple and affordable.

Self-Paced & Flexible

Our training material is completely self-paced. You can register for a program and begin whenever it is convenient for you. You can start & stop the training material as needed and your progress will be saved as you go. You can take the certification exam from home as soon as you feel you’re ready.

Our Success Story

Our success story is attributed to the great confidence bestow on us by our various students; because we know that your success in your career path is ultimately our success as an organiZation. We derive joy and excitement in helping you choose your desire career path through our hands on training and human capacity development platforms gear towards your success. Our passion is to equip the next generation of professionals; using the right technological information. With proficient years of experience as trainers in various IT training and capacity development. We strive to bring out the best in you.

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